My goal though speaking, coaching and facilitating is to assist my clients with  the realization that they are responsible for so many aspects of their lives. Speaking to audiences, I share stories of my experiences and research along with stories from my clients in moving from “being stuck” with seemingly no options to the powerful realization that they do have options. It is often our thoughts that keep us where we are. Thoughts are not facts and through a series of steps we can break out of “being stuck” to realizing our desires of where we want to go and how to get there.

Coaching my clients, I assist them to realize they are in charge of their life. By exploring the possibilities before them, they are able to become clear on the direction they want to go and the decisions they have to make. Through acting as their guide, they move forward through a series of steps to set their direction and then determine their goals. My clients are often surprised by the barriers that arise for them and they learn ways to overcome them to move forward. The results are often transformational for my clients both personally and professionally. Facilitating growth through group and team learning sessions provides my clients with additional opportunities for further learning about themselves in working with others.

Through my commitment to my own learning and development, I am able to provide my clients with the confidence that I walk the talk. As their guide, I assist them with alignment and to grow and manage the resulting changes that occur. I am a credentialed Executive Coach and Facilitator. I have conducted research, designed and delivered leadership, coaching and communication programs. I bring over 30+ years of experience in the public service, small business and career development to my work with my clients.

I have a degree in Conflict Resolution as well as a certificate in Management Studies from the University of Winnipeg; a certificate in Human Resource Management from the University of Manitoba; a Master of Arts in Leadership and Training; as well as a graduate certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC. I am a Story Catcher, graduating from Christina Baldwin’s workshops “Leadership through Stories” and “The Self as the Source of Story”.

I have experience in using methodologies such as Appreciative Inquiry; focus groups, Conversation Cafés and Open Space and Mindfulness. I am also a Laughter Yoga Facilitator and a student of Improv.

I reside in Winnipeg working with clients from around the globe.

“My goal in life is to make a difference through my work in assisting others be all they can be. I am dedicated to their success and growth. I have been in training all my life to be one of the best coaches in the business and I love what I do.”

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