Give Yourself and Others a Big Pat On the Back

“The only gift is a portion of thyself.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson Last week I met my obligations and while it was tough, I did the most important task first - connecting with my family. After that I tackled my tasks in accordance with how important the relationships were for me and my interest in the work. I’m sure that many of you struggle with too little time as much as I do. This morning [...]

Do I Admit or Not Admit – That is the Question!

Do I admit to being a procrastinator or not? Let’s face it procrastination has a bad rap. It’s something many people like myself want to avoid. It’s something we are ashamed to admit to and the worst of it all is, when we admit to it it’s like we have failed and now we are labeled as less than perfect. Since we are not able to deliver what we said we would, that translates to [...]

Courage is an Attitude

As a kid I recall times when I was totally fearless. I climbed rock faces, jumped crevices and explored places that I was warned to stay away from because they were dangerous and behind high barbed wire fences with signs of skulls posted everywhere. Warnings for me were like invitations, piquing my curiosity until I was satisfied that the warnings were warranted. Each time I pushed further than the time before. I managed to survive [...]