Coaching starts with taking a look at your life picture and then focusing on one specific area that you choose to change. As I have learned, when we experience a change or shift in one area of our life, we experience shifts in all areas of our life. These shifts open up the connections between our mind, body and spirit and the emerging energy begins to flow. You will begin to see and respond to your life in new ways. You will move forward in a way that for many of my clients, they have not moved before. You will feel a new found joy in discovering your potential and then as you start to take steps forward, you will become energized and enlightened to take bigger steps. The positive change you experience will also have an effect on others in your life and in the world around you.

My role is to provide a safe, calming and confidential environment where you feel respected, trusted and not judged. I will listen and act as a mirror in reflecting back to you what I am hearing, sensing and feeling. I will emphasize your strengths and successes and through effective questioning challenge your beliefs. My purpose is to assist you in gaining clarity to see the great potential you have within you, determine what your goals are and assist you to take the steps forward to achieve your goals.

The majority of coaching is done over the telephone for a 60 minute period, twice a month for a minimum period of three months. Follow up telephone calls or email messages are provided as required. This method of coaching provides flexibility for both myself as the coach and my clients. Physical distance is not an issue as the only requirement for coaching is telephone access. I have successfully worked with clients from across Canada and the US.

Please take advantage of my offer of a FREE “40-Minute Collaborative Interview”. I promise it will be valuable for both of us, no matter what the outcome. E-mail me to set up a Collaborative Interview at

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