The Opportunities for Leadership Workshop- November 14, 2015 – full day

Effective Communication and Results Workshop– January 13, 2016 – full day

“Our management group enjoyed Dianne as an instructor, they saw her as genuine and real and they also appreciated the fact that the session was interactive and provided us with exercises we can use to assist us in our roles. She instilled a sense of fun into the training – some managers are now committed to taking this learning forward to their people.”

Diane Dawiskiba, Vice President, Corporate Services, Palliser

“There is a buzz around here, and an appreciation for Dianne’s style, delivery and content!”

Andrea Aiello, Corporate Human Resource Manager 

Coach Approach to Powerful Questions – April 28, 2015 – 2 hour workshop

Participant Take-Aways –

  • Reminder to check your assumptions and feelings/thoughts while you are listening to someone else.
  • Questions to ask someone you are coaching that will help them understand what they want to achieve and help them move forward to their chosen destination and the practice exercises.
  • Example questions to use.
  • The group interaction exercises.
  • The peer to peer interactions gave me a good start.

Feedback on Dianne, Presenter-

  • Friendly, made session comfortable, knowledgeable, has good ideas
  • Very knowledgeable and sensitive to needs of the learners
  • I would highly rate Dianne and encourage a full day workshop.

CAPS MB Conversation Café – Best Practices for Speakers, Facilitator/Trainers and Coaches –January 16, 2016 – 1 1/2 hours

Participant Take-Aways

  • “The conversation café is an effective tool for brainstorming new ideas and opportunities in a safe, engaging and fun way.”
  • “I will definitely use the Café process in my work in the future.”